Cotton planting conditions – May 1

Keith Edmisten, Professor of Crop Science and Extension Cotton Specialist

The DD60s predicted for the 5 days following planting at Rocky Mount are included in the table below. We had the cool front come in the first of May as we do many years, but this year it was brief and not as cool as we see in many years. We have good to very good planting conditions for the first week of May. Hopefully it will dry out enough that many of you will be able to take advantage of it and plant a good deal of cotton.

Planting date Daily DD60s DD60s for next 5 days Planting condition
May 1 6.5 26 Good
2 1 29 Good
3 4.5 37 Good
4 7.5 46.5 Good
5 6.5 53.5 Excellent
6 9.5 59.5 Excellent
7 9
8 14
9 14.5
10 12.5

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Dr. Keith EdmistenProfessor of Crop Science & Extension Cotton Specialist (919) 515-4069 Crop and Soil Sciences - NC State University

Posted on May 1, 2014

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