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NC State Extension

2018 Cotton Belt Regional Survey Insecticide Efficacy- Cotton, Corn, Soy

The attached Excel spreadsheet reflects the results of a yearly survey from university Extension entomologists across the Cotton Belt. Surveys are conducted anonymously and respondents are asked to rate insecticides or Bt products from 1 to 10, where 1= not effective and 10= completely effective. Responses are also broken out by region (MS= Midsouth, SE= Southeast, W= West). Insect abbreviations are as follows:
BW= bollworm
TBW= tobacco budworm
BAW= beet armyworm
FAW= fall armyworm
SL= soybean looper
CL= cabbage looper
ECB= European corn borer
PBW= pink bollworm
SAW= southern armyworm
SMC= saltmarsh caterpillar
CW= cutworm
G/SG stink bug= green/southern green stink bug

Follow this link to the survey: 2018 Survey Summary