Preliminary Cotton OVT Results

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We only had three locations for cotton OVT in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are only presenting the data from Bertie County and Edgecombe County as the Plymouth location did not work out well. The two and three year average locations will be posted as soon as the statistical analyses are completed. Due to changes at the university we had to change statistical consultants and this will delay their publication.

Both locations received irrigation and the yields are higher than most growers observed this year. Part of the reason for this is irrigation, but small plot yields are higher than large plots because of several factors including high lint precentages due to ginning without lint cleaners.

This year was unusual due to lower than normal heat unit accumulation which tended to favor earlier varieties, especially in these trials with irrigation coupled with lower heat unit accumulation.

Bertie 2020 cotton OVT results

Edgecombe 2020 cotton OVT results

Tables without experimental varieties are below:

Bertie 2020 cotton OVT results no exps

Edgecombe 2020 cotton OVT results no exps

2020 across locations