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The twitter feed is on the left side of the page. If you use Twitter, you can follow @NCCotton to receive notifications on your phone or computer when new information is added to this site.


Twitter Updates

The twitter feed is on the left side of the page. If you use Twitter, you can follow @NCCotton to receive notifications on your phone or computer when new information is added to this site.

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North Carolina Cotton
Facebook Page

You will see a listing for the North Carolina Cotton Facebook Group page under links. The purpose of this group is to serve as a place where growers, researchers, consultants, ag industry personnel and extension personnel can interact and discuss the crop as problems or successes occur. Feel free to pose questions and/or post pictures on this site. Click on the picture to go to North Carolina Cotton Facebook group.  

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Cotton Information

The information relayed on the blog below is meant to be timely information about managing the cotton crop in-season. For strategic planning of cotton production the 2014 Cotton Information publication contains information on all aspects of cotton production. Hard copies can be obtained from you local county extension office. The contents can be viewed on line by clicking on the image here. This book is published annually by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and partially funded by the North Carolina Producers Association.

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Carolina Cotton

Carolina Cotton Notes is where we used to post information prior to the "blog age". Most of the information posted here deals with in-season problems we have seen in North Carolina such as hail damage, foliar fertilizing, frost damage etc. A search of Carolina Cotton Notes can yield information about a host of situations you might find in your cotton crop. Carolina Cotton Notes


Cotton Stink Bug
Decision Aid App Available for Android and iPhone

The Stink Bug Decision Aid App is a free tool to help you decide the most economical time to manage stink bugs. It combines knowledge from eight years of research across five Southeastern US states and 58 trial locations. Features include high-resolution photographs of live adult and nymph stage insects to determine species and what constitutes stink bug injury to bolls, descriptions of how to scout, a boll sizer that can be used with your phone in the field, a decision aid card that can be printed and constructed for use in the field, an interactive dynamic threshold calculator, and a method to take photos of insects and damage that you can send from your phone in the field. The decision aid field card and dynamic threshold approach have been widely adopted throughout the US cotton belt.  You can download this from the iTunes app store (preview here) or Google play (preview here).  Search for "stink bug decision".

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Wondering Where to Find Light Trap Data? popular

Look no further!  North Carolina Cooperative Extension IT folks have created a real-time website that just came online in July.  You can find it here.  Be sure to “select a pest” on the MORE »

Stink Bug Management in Cotton popular

Stink bugs are tearing through cotton that has bolls.  Both plant bugs and especially stink bugs and their damage vary widely across North Carolina, but are generally at much higher levels that we’ve MORE »

Handling Plant Bugs Post Bloom popular

Plant bugs are still being found and treated, even farther into the Coastal Plain than usual.  It seems like a lot of our fields treated for plant bugs in the past have experienced MORE »

Plant Bug and Stink Bug Update popular

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been inundated with questions concerning both plant bugs and stink bugs.  I think it’s critical to clarify a few issues. First, when deciding to spray for plant MORE »

Insecticides for Plant Bugs

With cotton squaring and flowering weeks away, it is a good idea to think about treatment options for plant bugs.  In fact, some growers have already confirmed square loss from plant bugs and MORE »

Scouting for Plant Bugs

Although it looks like plant bugs may be an issue this year, we don’t need to panic.  What I mean by don’t panic is that we shouldn’t spray if it’s not needed.  Growers MORE »

Resistant Fall Armyworm Has Shown Up Early

Last year I reported that Cry1F resistant fall armyworm was present in North Carolina (article here).  These insects can easily survive on corn with the Herculex, and Optimum Intrasect traits, as well as MORE » – from   Entomology

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